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The Five Star Mastermind Method

Over 80% of all masterminds fail within the first 90 days. Make sure yours doesn't.

Hey mate,

If you want a Mastermind group that stays focused, with an effective, fun energy, you have come to the right place.  You are going to learn how to form a mastermind that works by learning how to select the right members, and using a time tested proven formula that will keep your group targeted, focused and energized.

Let’s dive in!

“All I wanted was a focused and fun mastermind group to help me be more successful.   I wish I had your handbook back then, because all I got was frustration.  It felt like a complete wast of time, because it turned into a social hour and bitch session.”  John. W.

Because success leaves clues, we decided to do what ever it took to do it right this time.  I decided to start asking questions, REALLY reading Think and Grow Rich, listening to what Napoleon Hill actually SAID about mastermind in some rare recordings, and interviewing people who had proven masterminds that worked.

What I discovered was so simple, that I couldn’t believe that it would transform my entire life, AND give me a powerful, focused and fun Mastermind Group too!

Think about this…

You might be an expert, but the IDEAS – ENERGY – AND CONNECTIONS generated by a TRUE Mastermind Alliance will make you a wealthy expert! 

Because if you look back in history, you’ll see that no lasting wealth was EVER BEEN MADE,  without some form of a mastermind alliance.


“It’s obvious, if you don’t design your mastermind with a system, if you don’t know exactly who to recruit and who not to (and the reasons why) and if you don’t have have a system that works to run your meetings, keeping them BOTH FUN AND FOCUSED your mastermind will fail.”

Having a system in place, FROM THE MOMENT you decide to form one is VITAL to bringing it to life, and keeping it alive.

Could this be why is it that some people absolutely love masterminds – and benefit from them wildly on many levels, and other people can’t seem to get one off the ground, keep it going, or get anything of lasting value after putting in tons of time and energy?

“Successful masterminds are successful by design.”

Five Essential Elements that EVERY successful mastermind has:

We designed the Five Star Mastermind System when, my wife and I formed our 3rd mastermind group. We were out on our deck enjoying some cigars, “masterminding” and we decided to compile our notes, and emails to develop an easily duplicatable Mastermind System that would help anyone construct a powerful, like changing Mastermind.

Does YOUR Current Mastermind have all FIVE elements taken care of?  Will your next one?

The Five Star Mastermind System grew from those meetings and notes. As you read about the system below, remember you’ll be able to read the handbook in less than 30 minutes, it is designed to be a quick and easy read. You’ll be able to implement it immediately, and you will be able to form your own effective Mastermind Alliance easily within the next SEVEN days!

Here is a brief overview of what you’ll have learned once you have downloaded the system:

“A very focused system, amazing, honest and easy to follow. This is the very essence of Masterminding, a must have book. I have been shown (by Twenty Twenty) a simpler, more powerful method. I was bringing too much to the table. Finally I see how to build energy and take it forward.

Mark Ty-Wharton, author of The Logic Of Attraction

“I just read your mastermind book, and LOVED it! I really mean that, it is simple, quick to read, but filled with very useful data for anyone either in a master mind group of thinking of joining or starting one.”

“The medicine man section at the end is absolutely awesome!!! Incredible book, my friend!!! Blessings, and thank you!”

Todd Silva

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Your friend,

Twenty Twenty

Ex Hostage – Professional Visionary – The Godfather of the Mastermind!


UNCONDITIONAL 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! If you can’t get your Mastermind rocking and rolling within 60 days, just email me at and you will get every penny back, no questions asked. How’s that for an easy to understand guarantee. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain, and the lives you change will benefit forever, just by trying this proven system.

NOTE: Why am I making this offer? Simple. The Five Star Mastermind System is THE CURE. I look at the economy, and I look at the state most people’s businesses and minds are in. We need more GENUINE – EFFECTIVE Mastermind Alliances – we don’t need more of the frustration that comes from mastermind failure.

We need Masterminds now! We need them for our personal success. We need them to ensure our freedoms. We need them because MASTERMINDS will be what takes your personal success and the economy to the next level.

The Mastermind Formula

FINAL THOUGHTS:  Stop wasting time trying to reinvent the wheel.  Success leaves clues.   You will learn them in the THE MASTERMINDING FORMULA here.  And if you don’t know who to invite, or how to ask them now, you will once you have read it.  Just dive in, take action, and form the Mastermind Alliance in your mind first.  Learn the principles.   Follow the FORMULA.  Watch magic happen.   Whooo yah!

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